Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Feeling Fed Up!

Hello Everyone, 
A few people have noticed that my blog has been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately it's because I've been quite poorly, I had a few days in hospital and I'm now home and getting stronger everyday. 
Today, I've been having a good day and being a crafter I'm itching to get colouring again. I thought I'd start by having a look at what you've all been up to......

Now I don't normally like to moan on here but I'm afraid I'm a bit miffed. I found a blogger who is copying my designs, colour, layout etc like for like. I know as crafters and bloggers we are here to inspire others and share our ideas, particularly when we are on Design Teams for companies/challenges, and let's face it, there are only so many ways you can stick paper to a card blank! I am always amazed that people want to look at my cards and I really appreciate all the feedback I get. If I inspire you to get crafty and make a card or colour an image that's brilliant BUT please don't copy my cards and enter them into blog challenges as though they are your designs. 

Rant over
Lorraine x


cuilliesocks said...

Hello Lorraine, sorry to hear that you've been poorly and that you were in hospital, hope you are feeling much better now and getting back to normal....whatever that is for you LOL.
Sorry too that your fabulous designs are being copied and used, that is upsetting when you're not given any credit for the creation. Hopefully you will be able to sort it out, on the upside I guess it's a form of flattery....sort of, take care of yourself, Kate x

Stamps and Paper said...

Hello sorry you've been poorly but hope now you are on the mend.
Doesn't it make you cross when people 'steal' your cards and pass them off as their own...I thought the idea of blogging was to share ideas and inspiration ..if it were me I'm afraid I would name and shame this person if they've stolen your creations they've no doubt done to same to someone else

Anne x

KandA said...

Hi Lorraine, sorry to hear you've been poorly and hope you'll be fighting fit again really soon. It is so annoying for you that your designs are being copied but the one thing no-one can copy is your wonderful colouring. Take care xx

Wendy L said...

I hope you are on the mend.
I would name and shame, what is the point of crafting if you have to copy, get inspired but don't copy, xxx

Jane Willis said...

What a horrible thong to find out, just when you are feeling frail and low. Hope you fel better very soon and that your copier sees you his and realises you are aware of it. I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when somebody is entering into challenges with work that is really yours, rather than just doing it for personal satisfaction, it really isn't acceptable

Sarah said...

Hi Lorraine, so sorry to hear that you have been unwell, but pleased that you are home and recuperating, just make sure you take your time!! Some people have no imagination Lorraine and I am not surprised that you are miffed. There are many, many ways to gain inspiration, I know I can lose myself for days on Pinterest. On the other hand they do say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and your cards are always so gorgeous!! xx

cotnob said...

I'm really sorry to hear that you have been poorly Lorraine, I hope you are feeling much better now.
How annoying to find someone copying your designs and entering them into challenges - I'm sure they are not a patch on your fabulous cards, they are always so beautifully crafted.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Craftyrose said...

Hi Lorraine, I do hope that you are feeling much better. Very sorry to hear that your designs are being copied. I'm sure that they aren't as great as yours though because your cards are unique and have your heart and soul in to them and your colouring is amazing. I have to say that I can spot your cards and your style and no fakers will ever reach your standard xxxx��

anne said...

That's just rude!
Your cards are always so beautiful, you really are a brilliant colourist.
So sorry to hear that you have been so poorly. Hope you make a speedy recovery.
Hugs Anne xx

brenda said...

Hi Lorraine,

Firstly I am so sorry that you have been poorly, it's never good at any time but when you have young children as I know you do it is even more difficult. I hope you continue to improve.

As for the plagiarism, it's a despicable thing, I had it a few years ago where my work was just lifted and used so can totally identify with how upset you must be. Crafting is a constant learning curve and we all love sharing our ideas and gaining inspiration from others, sadly some people over step that line.

You have such a unique style and I am always in awe of your colouring and I hope this incident will not deter you from returning to you craft as soon as you feel well enough.

B x

Lisa xx said...

sorry to hear that you've been so poorly - wish you well soon.
On the other matter, well what a flipping cheek! I'm sure many of our us have looked at other peoples cards (yours included) and thought "oooh, that's a good idea" or "awww that image looks great in those colours" and maybe then created with our own "take" but to go for a complete copy and then enter a challenge with it, is above and beyond flattering - that's just not on!

KraftyKoolKat said...

Oh my goodness Lorraine, I am so sorry you have been poorly. I hope you are on the mend soon. Take things easy sweetie. I am also sorry that someone is coping your work, it isn't on. I hope they read your post and stop in shame.
Hugs Cathy xxxx

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Sorry to hear that you have been poorly and had to go to hospital. I hope you are on the mend sending you a hug.
Ginny x
My Blog As I do Rodos

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Poor Lorraine, sorry to hear that you've been ill and that you were in hospital,hope your well very soon , as for copying your cards in one way it's flattering , in another annoying . Who is it ? bet they are not as good as you because we all have a different style and all colour a bit differently , your work always stands out . I sometimes get so little comments on my blog I think why bother , as it takes time to list everything . I usually just use my blog so I can link to pinterest , they are more popular there .
sending hugs to you Mrs B . jane x

Karen Knott said...

So sorry to hear you have been unwell Lorraine, I look forward to seeing your cards every day and I agree with others here that your cards are instantly recognisable as your style. I have you to blame for my addiction to DSB ;) as you show off their images so well.
Hope you will soon be back posting again,
Hugs, Kaz xx

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